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Mail Order Success Books and Kits

101 Great Mail-Order Businesses

K-4 Mail Order Riches Success Kit shows you how to earn big money in mail order/direct mail using the proven and profitable methods developed by experts. A variety of different techniques for succeeding in a home based business in mail order, including using the Internet, are discussed and illustrated. Contents: Reading Guide; Sources of Mail Order/Direct Mail Data and Information; How to Address Mail; Useful Mail Order Forms; How to Prepare and Process Export/Import Documents; Export Mail Order Techniques; How to Start and Operate a Mail Order Business; How Mail Order Fortunes are Made; Strategies of Mail Order Selling; Calculating Mail Order Costs; How to Test and Run Classified Ads; How to Score With Mail Order Catalogs; and much more. Kit contains 10 Speed-Read ebooks; over 600 pages; PDF eBooks format. Price: $79.50

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101 Great Mail-Order Businesses IWS-202 101 Great Mail-Order Businesses is Tyler G. Hicks' very popular book showing the best and most profitable mail-order businesses you can start with little or no money. Covers choosing a product or service; selling printed products, food, gadgets, offbeat items and much more; using mail order catalogs to sell year-round, successful marketing methods, tips, mailorder as a home based business, and more. PDF ebook, 272 pages; $15.00. Buy One Now Add One to Basket
mail-order success secrets

IWS-203 Mail-Order Success Secrets Shows how to create a $1,000,000-a-year business starting from scratch (and how to help an existing business make more money). The book is written with the small budget in mind and contains complete marketing plans. Helpful to readers who are new to mail order and to people with some experience who want to increase profits in their mail-order businesses. Includes information on various Internet opportunities, such as free information, discussion groups, e-commerce, mail order catalogs and more. PDF ebook, 336 pages; $15.00. Buy One Now Add One to Basket

loans by mail kit cover

K-11 Loans by Mail Kit (Mail-Order Loan Success System) shows you how and where to get business, real estate, and personal loans for yourself and others by mail. Lists hundreds of lenders who loan by mail. Many of these lenders give unsecured signature loans to qualified applicants. Use this kit to get a loan by mail yourself, or become a loan broker and use the kit to get started. Unsecured signature loans by mail can go as high as $50,000 and this kit lists such lenders. More than 300 pages. PDF ebook. Price: $79.50.
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More Great Books for Mail Order Success

IWS-23 How to Become Wealthy Publishing a Newsletter by E.J. Mall covers who will want your newsletter, planning your newsletter, preparing the first issue, direct mail promotion, keeping the books, building your career. PDF ebook, 102 pages; Price: $15.00.
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IWS-69 How I Grossed More Than $1 Million in Direct Mail & Mail Order by Tyler G. Hicks gives the business life story of the author in mailorder and direct mail. Shows how he grosses a large income selling a variety of products by mailorder, mail order catalogs and direct mail. Gives specific, step-by-step methods that you can follow to earn more than one million dollars in mail order/direct mail. Using this helpful book, almost any reader can become successful in mail order/direct mail today. PDF ebook, 52 pages; 15.00.
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S-9 Mail Order/Direct Mail Fast Wealth Success Secrets, Including Building Riches in Import/Export  Paper, 60 pages; $12.50. Buy One Now Add One to Basket

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