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I have a question. Where can I get help?

We're happy to help you with any questions you might have. Please don't hesitate to call IWS at 516-766-5850 or 800-323-0548 or email us at You can also write to IWS Inc., 24 Canterbury Road, Rockville Centre NY 11570. Our fax number is 516-766-5919.

What does IWS do?

Publishing. IWS has been in business helping people continuously since 1966. IWS has a proven track record of more than 50 years of providing quality products and services, and courteous, reliable service.

IWS publishes newsletters, books, ebooks, CD/DVDs and self-paced study courses on financing, start-up, and successful operation of small businesses and real estate projects of all types. Our publishing emphasis is on helping people become more independent and wealthy through simple but powerful methods for obtaining money for income real estate and small businesses.

Key topics include business loans, bad credit loans, commercial and residential real estate financing, homebased business, exporting, grants and fundraising, and mail order business. IWS publications offer:

  • easy-to-understand how-to steps for getting loans and building your business and real estate wealth
  • extensive listings of funding sources for business and real estate
You can find more information at About IWS and Products.

Specialty financing products.
IWS publishes unique directories and business success Kits on lucrative business niches and specialty financing. These products include:

  • Sources of Building and Construction Loans for Commercial and Residential Properties
  • How to Build Riches in Real Estate with Single-Family Homes Using Other People's Money
  • Sources of Canadian Financing for Business and Real Estate
  • Financing for Religious Organizations and Places of Worship
  • Multi-Family Home and Multi-Unit Real Estate Riches Kit
  • Mideast and North African Banks and Financial Institutions
  • Entertainment Financing: Entertainment Lenders/Entertainment Venture Capital
Consultation. IWS offers personal telephone consultation at no charge to customers who have purchased IWS products. IWS does not provide legal, accounting, investment or other professional advice. Where such advice is needed, the assistance of a qualified professional should be sought.

What is a Business Kit—and what books and services does IWS offer?

IWS business success Kits are self-study courses, called "kits" because they are simple to use and easy to apply in actual business situations. Each Kit contains a self-study reading guide and helpful publications on the topic of the course. The contents of each Kit are designed to help you get started as quickly and effortlessly as possible in your chosen business. Some Kits also contain CD-ROMs, DVDs audio or video files.

Each Kit is designed to give the user basic know-how of the field covered and enough information to get started in the field. IWS has more than 30 Business Kits covering financial brokerage, real estate, venture capital, import-export, mail order, franchising, loans by phone, loans by mail, leasing, raising money through public stock offerings, and related topics.

Many of our customers have reported success as a result of using one or more of these courses. For a detailed listing of the contents of each course, go to Products and browse a category of your choice.

In any business undertaking, each person's experience is unique to each situation. Success depends on many factors, such as amount of time devoted to a project, work experience, educational background, skills, financial resources, assistance from others, and other variables. We do not presume to make or imply any guarantee that a reader will make a particular income from using any of our resources.

How useful are IWS Business Kits, books and newsletters in areas outside of the United States?

IWS products are designed for use around the world. We have many satisfied customers in Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and other countries. These readers have used the methods and resources we provide to obtain loans, own real estate, import and export products, get grants, and help others engage in similar activities.

The general "how-to" subject matter and methods are not limited to any particular place. Listings of lenders in business directories such as Business Capital Sources focus on resources in the U.S. and Canada, while directories like Mideast and North African Financial Institutions and Sources of Canadian Financing for Business and Real Estate emphasize other areas. We also publish an International Directory of Financial Institutions.

Many of the types of transactions discussed can be conducted over the Internet, or by mail, telephone or fax. Specific laws, regulations and practices may vary from place to place. It is each individual's responsibility to exercise due diligence before entering into any business activity. This includes researching and determining how specific local, regional or national variations may affect the activities that interest them. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What makes IWS books or Kits different from other wealthbuilding products or systems I've seen on TV, the web, and elsewhere?

You'll find several important reasons to choose IWS for wealthbuilding information, methods and motivation. These include:

  • Choice. Select from our constantly growing list of publications, which includes three monthly newsletters, more than 100 books and more than 30 self-study courses on all aspects of moneymaking. Most wealthbuilding products or systems offer only one method or area of study.
  • Reliability. In IWS, you have a friend with more than 4 decades of experience in the fields of small business, homebased business, and financing.
  • Ease of use. IWS products are designed to help readers achieve their personal business goals in as short a time as possible while adhering to ethical and professional business standards.
  • Free help for current customers. As an IWS customer, help is just a phone call away.

How often are your products updated?

We provide several different kinds of publications and information, including how-to guidance, directories, lender lists, business lists, books, ebooks, courses, monthly newsletters, audios, videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs. Information in our newsletters is new each month.

How-to information such as the methods and techniques covered in our books and business kits is designed to be valid for the life of the product. We are constantly adding new components and publications to cover changes in industry and the economy. Examples include coverage of new and evolving laws such as the Jump Start Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) and of the emergence of new financing methods such as crowdfunding, microloans and peer-to-peer lending.

When major changes occur, such as an economic recession, we include notices where appropriate to remind readers to be aware of possible effects such changes may have on the utility of certain kinds of information. Directories and lender listings are generally updated every one to two years. New editions are released each year. Data from government sources are updated as new reports and publications are made available by government agencies. If you have any question about the currency or content of any IWS publication, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Do you use the moneymaking methods you cover in your publications?

Yes. Ty Hicks, President and Founder of IWS, has made fortunes in several types of business, including homebased small businesses, print and electronic publishing, mail order, financial consulting, lending, engineering, import-export, and real estate. He is a board member of a large lending organization in New York and has authored more than 100 published books. Several of Hicks' books on real estate and small business have been on the best-seller lists of national newspapers and magazines, including Business Week magazine. His biography can be found in Marquis Who's Who in America.

Mor recently, Anthony Raymond of Kallisti Publishing Inc. used one of Tyler G. Hicks' books, How to Buy a Business with No Money Down (IWS-33), to purchase International Wealth Success. Yes, these book have all the information you make to do incredible achievments!

Can I advertise my business, project or funding needs in IWS publications or on your website?

If you are a subscriber to the IWS Newsletter, Money Watch Bulletin or Global Finding Services Alert, you can place a classified (text) ad under Business Opportunities, Money Available, or Money Wanted in any of our newsletters. You can run classified ads on our Money Opportunities classified ads page for $10 per month or $99 per year and your ad will be run simultaneously in the IWS Newsletter. We also accept larger ads with graphics for an additional charge. To learn more about running your ads free of charge or online, please contact us.

I'm looking for a loan or grant. Can you provide the funding I need?

IWS is a publishing company that provides information on how, and where, loans and grants may potentially be obtained. If you are in need of funding, we'll be happy to direct you to useful resources that may help you get what you need, but we cannot make any guarantees.

Can I become an affiliate or sales representative of IWS?

IWS has an Executive Representative Program that allows you to sell IWS products--newsletters, kits, and books by any normal means (mail order, direct mail, telemarketing, Internet, e-mail, or face-to-face)--and earn a commission starting at 40 percent of the list price ($40 on a product with a $100 list price) and rising to 50 percent for life (or for as long as you remain an IWS Rep), after your first $2,000 in total list-price sales. You do not have to carry any inventory, do not have to make any shipments, do not to have to send a bill to your customers. You are supplied camera-ready ads, along with simple classified ads, plus pre-written promotion materials, an agreement covering your independent contractor status with IWS.

If you wish to become an Executive Rep, we suggest that you subscribe to the IWS Newsletter for 5 years. On receiving your IWS 5-year subscription and signing your rep agreement, you'll be an IWS Publisher's Executive Representative. You can start selling our products right away.

You can still sell our products even if you don't wish to subscribe to the IWS Newsletter by purchasing Kit K-26. If so, we request that you submit a complete Business Plan showing how you plan to sell the IWS Books, kits, newsletters and reports. The business plan must be approved by IWS. You can send your Business Plan to us for free evaluation. Since selling our products involves a serious business commitment, we believe that preparing and following an approved Business Plan is not only wise, but necessary, for ensuring success. Price: $155.00 for postal mail delivery in the U.S. or, free of charge, if you submit a complete business plan showing how you'll sell IWS products, upon review and approval of the plan by IWS. Call 1-516-766-5850 for information if you are located outside the U.S.


Where can I buy IWS products?

You have several options:

What payment methods can I use?

On this website, we accept Paypal and credit card and debit card payments from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. We also accept card payments by telephone, mail and fax. Orders placed by postal mail may be paid by credit card or debit card, personal check, business check or money order. For orders placed outside the United States, we accept payment by PayPal, check or money order only. Please contact us if you have any questions about ordering.

Is your site secure?

Transactions on this site are encrypted and protected by a Secure 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Digital Certificate. This means your payment information is transmitted securely and is not accessible by third parties. In addition, our payment processor is certified compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) on a regular basis.

How long will it take to get my order?

Orders placed on this website for delivery within the U.S. receive FREE Ground Shipping, also called Standard Surface Shipping or Media Mail, by U.S. Postal Service or UPS. A shipping fee is applied to orders placed by mail, phone or fax. Orders placed with free shipping arrive in 1-2 weeks. Delivery outside of the continental U.S. may take longer.

Immediately after placing your order on this site, we'll send you an email confirming all the details. Orders are generally processed and shipped within 1-3 days of receipt. After an order has shipped, you can contact us at for tracking information.

What if I don't like my purchase?

We offer a full 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee on all physical products (print publications, CD's, DVD's, etc.). If you aren't satisfied with your purchase in any way, return it in its original condition to receive a full and prompt refund. Electronic downloads (ebooks, audio and video files) can be returned for a refund if we receive your request within seven days of the date of purchase.

For hundreds of additional how-to tips and methods to help boost your credit, start and run a profitable business, or build your real estate fortune, explore IWS now.

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