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Export-Import Success Kit and Books on International Trade

Export-Import Success Kit

The IWS Export/Import Success Kit (Product K-17) shows you how to make money in export/import in today's product-hungry world. This economical, information-packed Kit takes you from your first day in the business toward great success.

The IWS Export-Import Success Kit contains 10 ebooks, covering every aspect of the international trade process:

  • Speed-Read Study Guide: spells out each step in using the Kit to make great profits in international trade
  • Guide to Export-Import Trade Lead Sources: Gives you numerous sources for finding trade leads all around the world
  • Can You Afford Not to Be a Millionaire (IWS-16) shows you exactly how to create your own fortune in import-export, as detailed by a highly successful exporter
  • Worldwide Riches Opportunities, Vol. 1 and 2 (IWS-3 and IWS-4) list more than 5,000 products wanted by overseas companies, including company name, address, contact person, telephone/fax, email addresses and websites for most listings. Also gives opportunities for importing products.
  • How to Prepare and Process Import-Export Documents (IWS-5) gives you everything you need to know about the critical step of documenting your imports and exports, with forms and examples
  • Directory of Freight Forwarders and Customs House Brokers (IWS-15), shows you how to have your exports and imports quickly processed and shipped through customs for a small fee your customer pays.
You also get:
  • Hundreds of ways to earn big fees, selling needed products all over the world
  • Easy steps to complete the common papers used in importing and exporting
  • Simple letters you can email, mail or fax to your overseas customers to make sales fast
  • Ways to work from home without having to travel much farther than your mail box or computer
  • How to get big repeat orders, putting generous fees into your pocket quickly and easily
  • Ways to be paid through your own bank with checks that will never bounce
  • Quick finance sources for loans to help you rune your business
  • Toll-free telephone number for answers to your questions
  • How to avoid the 12 most common mistakes made by novice exporters
  • Includes directory of Federal and State export help you can get free of charge
  • Sources of assistance (including financing) by state
  • Contacts for top overseas markets and big sales
  • Typical forms used in export-import deals all over the world
  • Reliable ways to get paid for your export-import activities
  • Building your export-import business to your desired income level

PLUS, you'll receive the COMPLETE EXPORT-IMPORT RESOURCE LIBRARY, containing the following eBooks:

  • A Basic Guide to Exporting
  • Breaking Into the Trade Game: The Small Business Guide to Exporting
  • Export Business Planner for Small Business
  • Export Financing for Small Business
  • Business Guide to Federal Export Assistance
  • Exporter's Checklist for Expanding Into New Markets
  • Export Documentation Checklist
  • Trade Finance Guide Quick Reference

K-17 Export/Import Success Kit: PDF ebooks format. Kit is approx. 500 pages, Bonus Library over 1,000 pages, Price $79.50.
Call 1-800-323-0548 or email admin@iwsmoney.com if you have a question.

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Additional Books About Export/Import Success That You Might Like

IWS-10 Middle Eastern and North African Banks and Financial Institutions lists more than 500 private and public sector banks, chambers of commerce and trade and investment institutions in 30 different countries. Includes name, address, telephone and fax number. Many entries also include email and website. PDF ebook, approximately 160 pages; $15.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-11 Export Mail Order Riches covers deciding on products to export, finding suppliers, locating overseas firms seeking exports, form letters, listing of firms serving as export management companies, shipping orders, and more. PDF ebook, 130 pages; $15.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-12 Product Export Riches Opportunities lists over 1,500 firms offering products for export--includes agricultural, auto, aviation, electronic, computers, energy, food, health care, mining, printing, robotics, etc. PDF ebook, 219 pages; $15.00. Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-58 How to Be an International Business Agent (IBA) is a unique resource for anyone who's ever thought of becoming an international agent, distributor, licensee, finder, or commissioned representative. The book provides an overview of the the role of the independent, international business agent. It includes clear definitions of common types of international business arrangements. This book can help a new or experienced IBA to spot IBA opportunities as the come up, and then act on them to make a profit. How to Be an International Business Agent gives the reader useful examples of international business opportunities. Though written primarily for readers who are new to the activity of IBA's, readers already active in the businesss who wish to expand their product line or service, will find the book a valuable resource. PDF ebook, 117 pages, $15.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-13 Directory of High-Discount Merchandise Sources lists more than 1,000 sources of products with full name, address, telephone number for items such as auto products, swings, stuffed toys, puzzles, oils and lubricants, CB radios, computers, software, CDs, electronic games and equipment, etc. PDF ebook, 97 pages; $20.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

International Directory of Manufacturers' Representatives

IWS-24 International Directory of Manufacturer's Representatives lists more than 5,000 manufacturers' representatives and sales agencies in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe. Includes State-by-State, Country and Product listings; Agency Name and Contact Information with e-mail and web site addresses; What Types of Products the reps represent; Which Geographic Area(s) they cover; What Kinds of Customers they call on, and much more. PDF ebook, 344 pages; $20.00. Buy One Now Add One to Basket

The books above are not included in Export/Import Riches Kit.
The books below are included in the Export/Import Riches Kit and are also available separately.

IWS-16 Can You Afford Not To Be A Millionaire? covers international trade, base of operations, stationery, worksheet, starting an overseas company, metric measures, profit structure. PDF ebook, 202 pages; $15.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-15 Directory of Freight Forwarders and Customs House Brokers lists hundreds of these firms throughout the U.S. who help in the export/import business. 106 pages; $15.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-5 How to Prepare and Process Export-Import Documents gives data and documents for exporters and importers, including licenses, declarations, free-trade zones abroad, bills of lading, custom duty rulings. 170 pages; $20.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-3 Worldwide Riches Opportunities, Vol. 1 lists more than 2,500 overseas firms seeking products to import. Gives name of product(s) sought, or service(s) sought, and other important data (name, address, telephone/fax number, etc.) needed by exporters and importers. 283 pages; $15.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-4 Worldwide Riches Opportunities, Vol. 2 lists more than 2,500 overseas firms seeking products to import. (Does not duplicate volume 1). Lists loan sources for importers and exporters in England. 223 pages; $15.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

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