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How You Can Earn Big Money In Commercial Real Estate Today Using Borrowed Money

Office Buildings—Shopping Centers/Malls—Bowling Alleys—Tennis Courts—Swimming Pools—Golf Courses—Parking Lots—Hotels—Motels—Retail Stores—And Much More

Some of the largest real estate fortunes are earned in commercial real estate--that is, buildings and other facilities in which your tenants conduct business and earn money in the space they rent from you.

Commercial real estate is ALL about business. That's why it's easier to run than residential real estate. Your tenants treat you as a fellow business person, pay their rent on time, allow you time to make needed repairs, and rarely bug you on weekends.
Here’s Why You Need This Great Kit

This Business Success Kit from IWS, written by Tyler G. Hicks, gives you many benefits, while showing YOU, in quick, easy-to-read ways:
  • How, and where, to find profitable commercial properties
  • What's a fair price to pay for commercial property you want to own
  • Which sources of income are best for you from commercial property
  • When to make a bid on a commercial property you want to buy
  • Which lenders you can work with to get up to 100% financing for commercial property
  • Which numbers to use to figure your Net Positive Cash Flow from any property.
  • What to tell a lender when you're applying for a loan for a commercial property

Includes Loan Sources and Lender Details

Commercial Real Estate Mortgage Loans

Lenders included in the Commercial Real Estate Riches Kit provide mortgage loans and and other funding for commercial income properties. Types of loans offered include:

Conforming loans meet borrowing guidelines on amount, terms and other loan specifics established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Jumbo loans allow the borrower to borrow more than the maximum loan amount established by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

No-documentation, or no-doc, loans require less information from the borrower than other kinds of mortgage loans. No-doc loans can help a borrower get financing when income, assets or other information are hard to verify.

FHA loans generally have lower down payment requirements and are easier to qualify for than other conventional loans. FHA loans cannot exceed certain limits.

VA loans are guaranteed loans that help veterans to more easily obtain home loans with good terms, often with no down payment.

RHS loans are guaranteed loans for rural individuals, with minimal closing costs and no downpayment.

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More Reasons to Buy
  • What's a fair price to pay for a commercial property giving you a known income
  • Which lenders offer you the best chance of getting a loan for your commercial property
  • How to know, in advance, what guidelines a lender uses in making a loan to you for the commercial property you want to buy
  • Which of hundreds of commercial lenders might be best for you
  • How to fill out the Loan Application for best results
  • Where is the best place to get 100% financing for the commercial property you want to buy
  • What to look for in a commercial property to ensure that you'll get the needed funding
  • 500+ Internet Lenders; 50+ unusual lenders: 25+ Private Lenders; and many more Commercial Lenders for you
  • Benefit from personal mentoring from Ty Hicks to help you build YOUR riches in commercial real estate
Only $150

We're So Sure You'll Love This Kit,
We Provide A Full, 30-Day,
100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied, return the Kit in its original condition to get a full refund.

Written by Ty Hicks, a best-selling author and advisor on real estate, this course could get you started in commercial real estate faster than you might think. Learn how, and where, you can find profitable office buildings that can give you a dream income. Own tennis courts, bowling alleys, office buildings, shopping centers/malls, swimming pools, golf courses, parking lots, hotels, motels, retail stores . . . any type of recreational property you like, to make a strong and regular income from your property.

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We'll Add the Following Bonuses

Valuable Free Bonuses
Free Bonus #1: 100 Personal Loan Lenders

This report gives you the information you need to get the most frequently requested type of loan–the personal loan. Gives name and full contact information for 100 lenders providing personal loans (16 pages).

Free Bonus #2: How to Get Loans from No-Credit-Check Lenders

Gives valuable tips you can use to secure loans from lenders that don't require credit reports from potential borrowers (8 pages).

Free Bonus #3: How to Borrow Your Way to Wealth Success

Anyone seeking to borrow money should read this important and motivating report (44 pages).

Free Bonus #4:
Free Telephone Consultation With the author, Tyler G. Hicks

You can grab the Commercial Real Estate Riches Kit with 5 books and more than 500 pages, plus the 4 bonus books AND free phone consultation with author Ty Hicks, for just $150.00. That's less than many real estate experts would charge for a 15-minute talk.

This Kit gives you hundreds of lenders for commercial real estate. Buy the real estate you want—or build it! It's all here for YOU to get started building your commercial real estate riches now.

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR AND PUBLISHER: Tyler G. Hicks is president of IWS, Inc., a publisher of newsletters, books and self-paced courses on small business and financing. IWS has operated continuously since 1967. Mr. Hicks is a director of a large lending organization in New York. He is internationally recognized as a top expert on making money from scratch and is the best selling author of many books, including How to Get Rich on Other People's Money, How to Start a Business a on a Shoestring and Make Up to $500,000 a Year and How to Borrow Your Way to Real Estate Riches. More than 2 million people have read his books. Mr. Hicks provides free consultation to everyone who buys this kit.

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