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The Real Estate Riches Success Kit gives you multiple ways to make huge profits in real estate quickly. Methods covered include:

  • Finding, Owning, Selling and Flipping Single-family and Multifamily Income-producing Properties
  • Becoming a Real Estate Financial Broker, Mortgage Broker or Mortgage Banker
  • Creating and Running Your Own Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)
  • Earning Big Profits from Raw Land and Industrial Properties
Plus, the Real Estate Riches Success Kit shows you:
  • Innovative Real-Estate Financing Methods, including How to Get 100% Financing
  • Profit Aspects of Various Types of Real-Estate
  • How to Use Lease Options to Build Wealth
  • How to Keep Accurate Records of Real-Estate Operating Costs
  • How to Organize Your Income-Property Operation Data for Best Results
  • and much more
Key Books in this great Kit:
  • Directory of Thousands of Real Estate Loan Sources
  • Sources of Inexpensive and Distressed Properties
  • State Real Estate Agencies and Administrations
  • Tax Aspects of Real-Estate Operations and Ownership
  • Mortgage Broker Guide
  • Mortgage Banker Guide

Real Estate Riches Success Kit—On Sale at $20 OFF until midnight Friday, 6/14

Order the Real Estate Riches Success Kit by best-selling author Tyler G. Hicks
(Approx. 500 pages, 8.5x11 in.)

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