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Get Loans and Financing of All Kinds for Yourself or Others

K-1 Financial Broker Kit

Financial Broker/Finder/Business Broker/Business Consultant Kit

The Financial Broker/Finder/Business Broker/Business Consultant Kit is the most affordable Financial Broker training available anywhere. Other solutions cost thousands of dollars just to get started. This unique Business Success Kit shows you how to start your own business as a Financial Broker/Finder/Business Broker/Consultant to find money and business assets for a variety of companies and individuals—for which you are paid a commission when the deal is finished.

This big Kit contains 500 pages of essential guidance for anyone who wants to be a Financial Broker, Finder, Business Broker or Loan Consultant.
Available in Print. Want it in PDF? Call +1 800-323-0548 or email to request the eBook version when you order.

Product K-1. Approximately 500 pages. Price: $99.50

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K-37 Finder's World Business Kit

The IWS Finder World Business Kit is the world's leading business kit giving you the tools and knowledge to start and grow a profitable business earning Finder Fees in an almost unlimited range of industries.

This BIG KIT gives you hundreds of red hot national and international GLOBAL FINDER LEADS every year, along with: (a) Step-by-step easy-to understand ways to set yourself up as a Finder; (b) Complete sets of Forms you can use as a Finder to protect your Finder's Fees; (c) Places to run your Finder Fee ads every month FREE of charge; (d) Tools to use to close every Finder deal you want to work on and earn a BIG fee; (e) Personal phone calls to, and from, Ty Hicks for any Finder business questions you have; (f) one-year (12 issues) subscription to the Global Finding Services Alert (GFS) Newsletter.

Includes FINDER'S INTERNATIONAL NETWORK DIRECTORY and a one-year subscription to Global Finding Services Alert Newsletter. Note: Finder Fundamentals Master Guide (IWS-99) is a separate product.

Contains 7 books, 400 pages; 8.5x11 in.; Price $100.00. Product Code K-37. The Kit is a Print product. The GFS Newsletter is available in Print or by email as a PDF—your choice.

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Finder Fundamentals Master Guide

IWS-99 The Finder Fundamentals Master Guide
is your essential guide to collecting fat Finder Fees from multiple Finder opportunities.

THE FINDER FUNDAMENTALS MASTER GUIDE is IWS's newest book for Finders. It contains all new material on the art and science of finding things for a fee, and shows how to set up your own profitable Finder business from scratch.

WHAT CAN THIS BOOK DO FOR YOU? Finder Fundamentals Master Guide can show you how to make money from Finder Fees! It can be used as a stand-alone resource or as a companion to other IWS publications like the Finders World Kit, Finders International Network Directory, and Global Finding Services Alert Newsletter.

THE BOOK IS DIVIDED INTO SIX CHAPTERS. Each covers different aspects of the business of finding and Finder Fees. An Appendix includes sample Finder Fee agreements.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: Finder Fundamentals: How to Be an Effective, Sought-After, Highly Paid Finder
  • Chapter 2: Finding Merchandise, Valuables and Collectibles
  • Chapter 3: Finding Money and Credit
  • Chapter 4: Finding for Business
  • Chapter 5: Finding for Real Estate
  • Chapter 6: Finding for Special Populations and Niches
  • Appendix: Sample Finder Fees Agreements

THE NEW FINDER FUNDAMENTALS MASTER GUIDE contains approximately 250 pages, in 8.5-in. x 11-in. format. Price: $29.50. Choose PRINT or PDF version.

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Private Loan Money Funding Kit

K-33 IWS Private Loan Money Funding Kit: Get private loan money for your deals! Learn how, and where, to get private-money loans for real estate or business deals. Deal with private lenders. Private lenders are not governed by the strict lending rules banks must obey. Private lenders are often managed by business pros who understand you and your business or real estate plans. And private lenders are less likely to be concerned with your credit rating. In short, it's usually easier to get loans from private lenders.

Private funding is available for:

  • Real Estate
  • Business
  • Special Circumstances
  • Construction
  • Quick Closings
  • Imperfect Credit
  • Bankruptcies
  • Hard Money
  • Temporary or Bridge Financing
  • and Much More!

So how can you get the private loan money you need? Use the IWS Private Loan Money Funding Kit! The Kit shows you the procedures, forms, and steps to get private loan money effectively. Kit includes dozens of private loan money sources you can contact to get your money. Some sources consider first-time borrowers and borrowers with weak credit or bankruptcy. Product Code K-33; 8.5 x 11 in.; 200-plus pages; Price: $100.00. Buy One Now Add One to Basket

Also available in AUDIOBOOK format:
Product K-33-AUDIO, Format: MP3, Zip archive containing 3 Audiobooks (total size: 230MB, length: 3 hours; $100.00.)
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K-15 Venture Capital Funding Kit shows how to raise venture capital for yourself or others. Gives steps for preparing an Executive Summary, business plan, etc. The kit presents several examples of completed Executive Summaries for the user to follow in preparing his/her summary to present to a venture capitalist. IWS will prepare--free of charge--an Executive Summary for the Kit buyer after the buyer supplies the needed data about the business. You can use the kit to earn large fees raising money for new or established firms. 200 pages; 8.5x11 in., $100.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket
Also available in AUDIOBOOK format:
Product K-15-AUDIO, Format: MP3, Zip archive containing 6 Audiobooks (total size: 1.1GB, length: 11 hours)
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IWS-60 How to Start Your Own Business on a Shoestring and Make Up To $500,000 a Year with little or no overhead. It's the ultimate dream for many beginning wealthbuilders. To show you how to turn your dream into reality, nationally known small-business expert Ty Hicks offers over 1000 business ideas--many requiring little cash--to help you build a profitable home business. Hicks champions the philosophy of working at home to maximize savings, and throughout this valuable, idea-rich book, he gives tips on successful day-to-day business operations as well as real life examples of people just like you who took his advice and became successful business owners. 350 pages; 8.5x11 in., $20.00
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IWS-96 How, and Where, to Get a Business Line of Credit for Any Business Today Reveals proven methods used by successful business owners to obtain needed cash through a business line of credit from banks and other sources. The time-tested, valuable techniques are detailed for you in clear step-by-step form so that any reader can use them quickly and without a lot of hassle. Topics include: how to get your line of credit, an overview of letters used in business line of credit work, unsecured and secured line of credit application letters, typical bank lines of credit, more than 500 banks and other issuers of secured and unsecured business lines of credit, and additional ideas for raising money for your business. 100 pages, 8.5 " x 11", $25.00. Buy One Now Add One to Basket

K-36 ULOR/SCOR Master Business Kit The ULOR (Uniform Limited Offering Registration) or SCOR (Small Company Offering Registration) is an easy way to get cash for your small corporation or investment property. The hassles and headaches of regular bank loans are eliminated. You get a more streamlined financing method that's quick, clear and professional! Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Get up to $1-million of no-repay money every year
  • You can fund nearly any business or real estate activity*
  • The ULOR form is already set up for you
  • You "fill in the blanks" with information about your corporation
  • Your completed form gives you an excellent business plan
  • Once you file your ULOR, your company name will be more widely recognized.
  • Giving you more and better business and access to additional financing
  • And increasing your ability to attract highly qualified personnel to you firm

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Also available in AUDIOBOOK format:
Product K-36-AUDIO, Format: MP3, Zip archive containing 6 Audiobooks (total size: 1.1GB, length: 10 hours and 30 minutes)

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*Please note: The ULOR and SCOR programs are currently available only in the United States and cannot be used outside of the U.S. Additionally, ULOR and SCOR cannot be used for businesses engaged in petroleum exploration or production, mining or other extractive industries, or "blind pool" offerings for which a business cannot be described.  

Construction Lenders book cover thumbnail

IWS-91 Selected Lenders Providing Commercial and Residential Construction Loans in the U.S. and Canada gives you more than 800 active lenders providing construction loans—with telephone, mailing address, email address and website, plus sample construction loan forms and documents, and an overview of key points about residential and commercial construction financing.

Newly updated, this premier resource describes construction loan programs offered by top banks, private hard money lenders, direct mortgage lenders, HUD/FHA, insurance companies, and commercial financing companies. Also includes Fannie Mae lenders, U.S. and Canadian Housing Finance Agencies, Federal Home Loan Banks and more.

Covers financing for a wide range of property types, including apartments, office buildings, residential homes, mixed-use properties, storage facilities, car lots, casinos, hotels, gas stations, golf courses, industrial facilities, medical buildings, senior housing, and retail shopping centers. Listed lenders operate in geographic areas ranging from individual states and provinces to worldwide.

Also contains a sample construction loan summary, a checklist of documents required for construction loans, a construction loan budget worksheet, construction cost breakdown charts, a sample construction Change Order, and copies of the Federal Uniform Residential Loan Application and Fannie Mae Multistate Construction Loan Agreement.

Whether you are an owner, builder or investor, getting the right construction loan is an absolute necessity. Selected Lenders Providing Commercial and Residential Construction Loans in the U.S. and Canada will help you get the best lender and loan for yourself or your client, whether you need money for building, improving, or retrofitting a single-family, multifamily or commercial property. Order your PDF eBook or paper copy today.

IWS-91 Selected Lenders for Commercial and Residential Construction Loans in the U.S. and Canada. Approx. 190 pages. 8.5" x 11". $29.50 (Print or PDF). PRINT Version: Buy One Now Add One to Basket Downloadable PDF Version (IWS-91E): Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-89 Sources of Canadian Financing for Business and Real Estate can help you find loans for Canadian real estate or business projects. This unique new book includes:

  • More than 1,000 selected financing and loan sources in Canada
  • Descriptions of the largest, most active lenders and loan programs
  • Sources of commercial and residential first and second mortgages, mortgage renewal and refinancing, personal loans, business operating loans and working capital, small business loans, loans for professionals such as doctors and lawyers, bad credit loans, and much more
  • Banks, credit unions, factoring firms, finance companies, government programs, mortgage brokers, trust companies, etc.
  • Name and type of lender, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, Web site address, and area where loans are made
  • Loan amounts, loan types, and loan program options
  • Application info for many lenders
  • Sample loan application and related documents
90 pages, 8.5 x 11 in.; $29.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

church loans, religious groups, religious funding

IWS-52 Financing for Religious Organizations and Places of Worship. Do you know of churches, synagogues, mosques, temples and religious groups that need money for a new building, a school, a parking lot, a sports center, general operating funds, etc? If you do, you could earn substantial commissions finding the money they need. This new IWS book gives you:

  • Nationwide list of lenders with loan programs for religious groups
  • Hundreds of loans for religious groups and places of worship
  • Summary of types of loans available
  • Lender name, address, phone/fax, e-mail address, Web site URL
  • Amounts loaned, where available
  • Application information for many lenders and loan programs
  • How and where to get free applications and documents
  • Actual sample loan applications, mini-loan application and leasing applications
  • Plus much other valuable help on getting loans for religious groups
97 pages, 8.5 x 11 in.; $29.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-90 Entertainment Financing: Entertainment Lenders/Entertainment Venture Capital. Lenders and venture capitalists that offer financing or venture capital of various types for films, production of entertainment projects, distribution, post-production, rights, television, commercials, gap financing, receivables financing, European tax-based funding, revolving transactions, single-project term loans, completion bonds, etc. Not every lender or venture capitalist offers all these services, most have special niches they prefer. This report gives descriptions of the type of funding the lenders on this list do. So far as we know, this is the only such list in existence today. Paperback, 8.5x11 in., $25.00. Buy One Now Add One to Basket

Successful Financing Techniques

IWS-36 Successful Financing Techniques for Business and Real Estate shows how, and where to get business loans; getting venture capital; where to seek grants; getting public money that never need be repaid; bad credit loans; proven real-estate money-making methods; mail- order success secrets for beginning wealth builders; export riches techniques. 92 pages; 8.5x11 in., $24.95 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

Instant Money Ideas

IWS-22 Instant Money Ideas for Finding Business and Real Estate Capital covers raising public money, real estate financing, borrowing methods, government loan sources, venture money, bad credit loans, etc. 62 pages; 8.5x11 in., $24.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

K-9 Fast Financing of Your Real Estate Fortune Success Kit shows the real estate wealth builder how to raise money for any real estate deal. It concentrates on getting the money quickly and easily; gives more than 2,500 sources of real estate money. Contents: Reading Guide; How to Buy and Sell Real Estate for Financial Security; Directory of State Housing Finance Agencies; Comprehensive Financial Directory; Guide to Local Money, Financing, and Development Sources; Industrial Reps of Overseas Countries; How to Finance Real Estate Investments; How to Create Your Own Real Estate Fortune Using Tax Shelters to Protect Your Profits; 7 Speed- Read Books; more than 466 pages; 8.5 x11 in., $99.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

K-7 Business Borrowers Complete Success Kit shows you how, and where, to borrow money for any business or real estate project. Included are practice forms so the reader can become expert in filling out loan applications for any loan sought. Contents: Reading Guide; How to Borrow Business Money; Glossary of Money Words and Terms; Business Methods for Money Borrowers; Selected Loan and Equity Capital Directory; How to Prepare Loan Applications; Directory of Selected Housing, Land, Farm and Business Programs in the Government; The Radical New Road to Wealth; Practice Forms for Loan Applications; Lenders of Funds for Business and Real Estate. 7 Speed-Read Books; over 500 pages; 8.5x11 in., $99.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

Loans by Phone Business Kit

K-10 Loans-by-Phone Kit shows you how and where to get business, real estate, and personal loans by telephone. With just 32 words and 15 seconds of time you can determine if a lender is interested in the loan you seek for yourself or for someone who is a client--if you're working as a loan broker or finder. This kit gives you hundreds of telephone lenders. About half have 800 numbers, meaning that your call is free of long-distance charges. Necessary agreements forms are also included. More than 150 pages; 8.5x11 in., $100.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

K-5 Zero Cash Riches Success Techniques Kit shows you how to get started in your own business or real estate ventures with no cash. Kit includes a 57- minute audio cassette tape of Ty Hicks speaking on Small Business Financing. Contents: Reading and Study Guide; Zero-Cash Money Techniques; Licensing Agent Business; Six Guidelines for Licensing; Foreign Investment Checklist; Government Laws and Regulations; Financial Factors; Interbusiness Financing; Venture Capital - A Guidebook for New Enterprises; Handbook of Borrowing Money for Business; How to Buy and Sell a Business; 7 Speed-Read books; Over 850 pages; 8.5x11 in., $99.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

K-13 Cash Credit Riches System Kit shows the user three ways to make money from credit cards: (1) as a merchant account, (2) helping others get credit cards of their choice and (3) getting loans through lines of credit offered credit card holders. Some people handling merchant account orders report processing orders for as much as $10,000 a day. While this kit does not, and cannot, guarantee such an order level, it does show the user how to get started making money from credit cards as easily and quickly. More than 150 pages; 8.5 x11 in., $100.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

K-16 Guaranteed Loan Money gives full directions on getting cosigners, comakers, and guarantors to protect lenders and thus enhance a prospective borrower's chances of getting a loan. Shows how to get loans of all types-- unsecured signature, business, real estate, etc.--when the borrower's credit is not the strongest. Kit provides examples of agreements you can use--with the approval of a qualified attorney--to cover cosigners, comakers and guarantors to enhance your credit or that of a client so you or they qualify for a needed loan. 250 pages; 8.5x11 in., $100.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

K-29 Doctor and Health Professional Loan Programs shows you how to compete with the local banks for those Doctor loans and make generous commissions for yourself. Includes four loan programs for physicians, dentists, chiropractors, podiatrists, optometrists, veterinarians and others which are competitive with anything they can get from their local bank. Gives many forms that can be used to detail the financial situation being presented to the lender. 8.5x11 in., $150. 00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

K-19 Mega-Money Methods Kit covers the raising of large amounts of money -- multimillions and up -- for business and real estate projects of all types. Shows how to prepare loan packages for very large loans, where to get financing for such loans, what fees to charge after the loan is obtained plus much more. Using this kit, the BWB should be able to prepare effective loan requests for large amounts of money for suitable projects. The kit also gives the user a list of offshore lenders for big projects. 200 pages; 8.5x11 in., $100.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

K-11 Loans by Mail Kit (Mail-Order Loan Success System) shows you how and where to get business, real estate, and personal loans for yourself and others by mail. Lists hundreds of lenders who loan by mail. Many of these lenders give unsecured signature loans to qualified applicants. Use this kit to get a loan by mail yourself, or become a loan broker and use the kit to get started. Unsecured signature loans by mail can go as high as $50,000 and this kit lists such lenders. More than 150 pages; 8.5x11 in., $100.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket
Also available in AUDIOBOOK format:
Product K-11-AUDIO, Format: MP3, Zip archive containing 3 Audiobooks (total size: 485MB, length: 4 hours and 28 minutes)
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K-21 Small Business Loan Program is designed to obtain loans for small and minority-owned businesses doing work for government agencies, large corporation, hospitals, universities, and similar organizations. The small business loan program pays up to 80 percent on accounts receivable within 48 hours to manufacturers, distributors, janitorial services, building contractors, etc. Start-ups acceptable. You earn a good commission getting these loans funded, and receive an ongoing payment when the company places future accounts receivable with the lender. 200 pages; 8.5x11 in., $100.00  Buy One Now Add One to Basket

Powerful Books to Help You Get the Money You Seek

IWS-1 Business Capital Sources lists more than 2,000 lenders of various types--banks, insurance companies, commercial finance firms, mortgage companies, venture-capital, providers of bad credit loans, and others. 150 pages; $20.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket PDF eBook Version (IWS-1E): Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-8 60-Day Fully Financed Fortune in Real Estate Kit is a short business kit covering what the business is, how it works, naming the business, interest amortization tables, state securities agencies, typical flyer used to advertise, typical corporation applications. 136 pages; 8.5x11 in., $29.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-9 Credits and Collection Business Starter Kit is a 2-book Success kit which shows you how to start 10 profitable businesses in the credits & collection field. Using the information provided, you can have your own business in just a few days. 8.5x11 in., $29.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-20 Million Dollar Guide to Business and Real Estate Loan Sources lists hundreds of business and real estate lenders, giving their lending data in very brief form. 201 pages; 8.5x11 in., $25.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-53 Money Agency Planning Guide discusses everything from dealing with direct lenders to broker fee agreements; from developing direct lending sources to a formula for success. over 190 pages; 8.5x11 in., $25.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-54 How to Borrow Your Way to Wealth Success shows the reader how to borrow money to build wealth in business or real estate ventures of all kinds. Using the methods given, any person can get started building his/ her fortune. 55 pages; $20.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-29 Comprehensive Loan Sources for Business and Real Estate Loans gives hundreds of lender's names, addresses, and lending requirements for many different types of business and real estate loans. Does not duplicate Diversified Loan Sources. 136 pages; 8.5x11 in., $25.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-30 Diversified Loan Sources for Business and Real Estate gives hundreds of lender's names, addresses, and lending guidelines for business and real estate loans of many types. 136 pages; 8.5x11 in., $25.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-64 The Ultimate Credit Book--How to Improve Your Credit Without Spending a Bundle of Cash Doing It. Includes: How to understand various credit scores that may be assigned to you by a bank or other lending group; how to get a major credit card with no credit check; how to build a lifetime of excellent credit while enjoying all the things you like and appreciate in life; 45 ways to get better credit today--right now-- no matter how bad your credit may be when you start to improve it; how to use your good credit to start a business, buy real estate or earn extra income from the privacy and security of you own home; and more. Approx. 100 pages plus bonus items; 8.5 x 11 in.; 8.5x11 in., $20.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-55 Finders International Network Directory lists professional, international finders from around the world. Helps make contact with people who can locate funding, capital, rare real estate, collectibles, buyers & sellers of all kinds, agency & licensing deals, export/import products and more. Includes name, address, telephone/fax numbers as well as area of specialty. 8.5x11 in., $25.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

Also available in AUDIOBOOK format:
Product IWS-55-AUDIO, Format: MP3, Zip archive containing 4 Audiobooks (total size: 233MB, length: approximately 3 hours; $25. 00.)
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IWS-59 Directory of State Industrial and Economic Departments, Commerce Departments, and Housing Finance Agencies, Purchasing Agencies and Securities Agencies Lists numerous state government agencies and their contact details. This book can be used to search for potential sources of government grants; information on requirements and regulations related to business and government benefits; state assistance on housing and real estate activities, guidance on export-import rules, and more. 25 pages; 8.5x11 in., $17.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-6 How to Borrow Your Way to Real Estate Riches Using Government Sources compiled by Ty Hicks. Lists numerous mortgage loans and guarantees, loan purpose, amounts, terms, financing charge, types of structures financed, loan-value ratio, special factors. 87 pages; 8.5x11 in., $20.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

S- 8 Big and Easy Money Making Ideas for Finders, Beginning Wealth Builders, and Licensing Agents Slim book containing 72 pages; $12.50 Add One to Basket Buy One Now

IWS-61 Glossary of Banking Terms compiled to define the more frequently encountered banking, financing, and brokerage terms, using the most simple and non-technical language possible. 60 pages; 8.5x11 in., $25.00 Add One to Basket Buy One Now

IWS-62 Guerilla Finance: How to Borrow or Raise Up to One Million Dollars in Spite of Your Banker by Sam Paradice. This book provides you with over 100 smart angles, tactics, strategies and techniques to raise or borrow money in spite of your banker. The tactics outlined in this book reveal how to raise or borrow up to $1,000,000 regardless of your credit rating. $19. 95; 8.5x11 in., Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-63 How to Borrow Your Way to Great Fortune shows how to build great riches quickly, starting with no money of your own--if you use the magic of OPM-- Other People's Money. 227 pages; 8.5x11 in., $20.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-65 How to Get Rich on Other People's Money shows you new ways to use OPM (Other People's Money) and creative low-cost methods to take advantage of our new, high-tech, fast-paced economy. You'll learn how and where to get cash now, unique products to turn quick profits, how to become an importer, mail-order secrets, how to get grants, how to make big money in real estate and much more. 210 pages; 8.5x11 in., $20.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-66 How to Prepare Winning Loan Applications shows how to prepare loan applications for various types of loans in the most effective ways possible. $20. 00 Add One to Basket Buy One Now

IWS-67 Key Ideas for Financing a Business checklists of important financing arrangements, inventory financing, accounts receivable financing, line of credit, revolving loan agreement, unsecured note, note secured by collateral, assignment of contract for bank loan, life insurance as collateral, limitation of liens and security, plus many other important ideas. 74 pages; 8.5x11 in., $25.00 Add One to Basket Buy One Now

IWS-26 Directory of MasterCard and VISA Credit Card Sources: Unsecured and Secured Bankcard Issuers This excellent guide to thousands of credit card offers gives, for each card: minimum income required; annual interest rate; card toll-free phone number; cash advance fee, if any; annual membership charge; late payment fee; credit line range, in dollars (some go as high as $50,000); balance transfer fee, if any. Types of cards listed include unsecured credit cards; secured credit cards; lowest interest cards; special rate cards; student cards; affinity cards; airline cards; special edition cards; balance transfer cards; multiple credit cards; plus many others. 100 pages, 8.5 x 11 in. $24.95. Includes three special bonuses. Buy One Now Add One to Basket

S-12 Sure Steps for Raising Money Slim book containing 66 pages; $12.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-68 Millionaire Credit Card System by Jacques Fiala was designed to offer people an alternative opportunity to get the money that they need and never have to worry about financing their business ventures again. 46 pages; 8.5x11 in., $19.95 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-27 Global Cosigners and Money Finders Association Publicize your need for a cosigner to get a business or real estate loan. Your need is advertised widely under a Code Number so your identity is kept confidential. 8.5x11 in., $50.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-39 You Can Get the Money: How to Finance Your Small Business Startup or Expansion by Robert E. Highman covers: how to borrow $90,000 from a stranger in 5 days; invest $500 to raise $329,000; free advertising in over 100 trade journals. 100% was borrowed to buy a building for retirement; more than 3,000 lenders; plus much more on getting the money for your new or existing business. 348 pages; 8.5 x11 in., $49.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-33 How to Buy a Business with No Money Down by Jeryn W. Calhoun. This book shows the reader how to buy a business of his or her choice without making a down payment on the business. It gives sample purchase agreements, ways to value a business, procedures for making an offer, financing methods, no-down- payment strategies, negotiating techniques, handling objections, closing steps, legal considerations, accounting, understanding P & L statements, and making the business you buy prosper and grow. 130 pages; 8.5x11 in., $19.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-44 The Lender List to End All Lender Lists is a special list of lenders designed to answer the most-often-requested loan needs of IWS readers. Shows how and where you can get the loan you need for business (startup, expansion, inventory, advertising, etc.), real estate (down payment, long-term mortgages, 100% financing of property, 2nd mortgages, etc.), or personal needs (debt consolidation, education, vacation, car, truck, boat, medical, home improvement, etc.). FREE to every IWS newsletter subscriber who renews his or her subscription for two (2) years ($48) or longer--Simply request your free copy when renewing your subscription. Without a subscription renewal, the price is $50. Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-56 101 Ways to Get 100+% Financing for Real Estate and Business gives specific, step-by-step ways to get 100+% financing for a variety of real estate and business activities. Using the methods given you can often "mortgage out"-- that is, borrow more money than needed for the deal in hand. All the methods given have been used at one time or another by various business and real estate wealth builders. 282 pages; 8.5x11 in., $24.50 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

IWS-57 10-Day Fully-Financed Wealth System Guide gives numerous methods for building wealth quickly and easily with hardly any cash to start. Shows anyone how he/she can use their local area to produce wealth for them working from their own home with little more than a telephone and a few scraps of paper. And if one does not have a phone at home, a public pay phone can be used. 100 pages; 8.5x11 in., $20.00 Buy One Now Add One to Basket

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