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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Readers should exercise caution and evaluate offers thoroughly and carefully before responding to any advertisement. Obtain complete written documentation of offers and claims before entering into any business transaction. Never pay front money or advance fees for any loan without excercising due diligence.

Advertisers have sole responsibility for the quality and accuracy of the information contained in their offers. Email addresses and links to external websites are provided for the convenience of visitors to this site. IWS is not responsible for the contents or use of external sites or links. Advertisements and links do not imply an endorsement of a site, its sponsors, or its products by IWS. By using this website you agree to this Notice and to this site's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

RUN YOUR AD TODAY. Advertise here for only $10 per month per ad or $99 for 12 months. Your ad also appears in the International Wealth Success Monthly Newsletter for the same number of months as your online ad. Click the button for your desired timeframe below and email your ad to or fax it to 516-766-5919. Once approved, we'll post your ad within 24 hours. Questions? Call IWS at 516-766-5850. NOTE: These prices apply ONLY to text-only, non-Display Ads. Display Ads are ads with special fonts and formatting and ads which occupy 1/4 page, 1/2 page or 1 full page in the printed Newsletter. Ads with graphics such as banners or photos are $20 per month. Call IWS or see your IWS Advertising Guide for Display Ad charges.

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Money Available Ads


* Acquisitions / Refinances
* Land / Developments
* Spec Homes / New Construction
* Remodels / Rehabs
* A - D Credit (Good, Bad & Ugly)

FUND I - Private Hard Money: $500k - $2.5 million, Nationwide

FUND II - Private Hard Money: $3 million - $15 million, Nationwide

FUND III - Texas Private Money: $100k - $2 million

Land (Raw Land, Developments, Ranches/Ag): $200k - $5m & $500k - $12m+

Business Financing: Invoice Factoring; Accounts Receivable Financing; Equipment Leasing & Leasebacks ($10k - $250k)

Oil & Gas Royalty Finance: Oil & Gas Royalty Loans ($15k – no limit); Oil & Gas Purchases up to $100m

Churches: $200k - $5m+, Nationwide

Land (Raw Land, Developments, Ranches/Ag): $200k - $5m & $500k - $12m+, Texas & Nationwide (program varies by state)

Cannabis Loans: $20 Million Available. We only consider the Real Estate at this time. Borrower(s) must have a list of Real Estate assets owned. Private money has proven to be the most flexible.

Foreign Nationals: $100k - $2m & developments up to $12m

Commercial property Types: Mix-Use, Retail, Office, Strip Mall, Apartment, Multifamily 5+ Units, Light Industrial, Heavy Industrial, Warehouse, Motel / Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Nightclub, Day Care, Assisted Living, Self Storage, Automotive, Gas Station, Convenience Store, Car Wash, Mobile Home Park, Medical Center, Canna Use, Special Use, etc.

Collateral: Preferred collateral includes income-producing commercial properties such as apartment complexes, commercial office buildings, hotels/motels, storage units, and industrial complexes. Foreclosed or distressed commercial and residential developments that may require improvements, construction, or rehabilitation are also commonly used as collateral.

Attention: Theresa. For an application, please send an email to:

Business Opportunities Ads


Streaming television service. Impressive channel lineup, very reasonably priced. For details on cost, email or write: Daniel Kuhn, P.O. Box 8984, Falls Church VA USA 22041-8984.


What you get is a 200-unit apartment for $16.8 million; a 146-unit apartment for $10.3 million; and a 144-unit apartment for $9.8 million. (Prices are shown to give you some idea of what each property cost.) Total asking price is $36 million. Occupancy is between 70-75% as there are some down units. You also need to factor in $2.4 million for capital expenses. Also, since state law prohibits broker from representing a buyer as client without written agreement, the buyer must sign the buyer/broker agreement form which I will provide to a buyer who qualifies. A Buyer Rep may contact me, but understand, we'll need to work with the principal buyer directly. No exceptions. If interested, please contact me by return e-mail and we'll put you in direct contact with the broker. Buzz Herman, Northern Equities LLC, 136 Mansell Dr., Youngstown, Ohio 44505. Phone: 330-759-0134. E-mail:


  • With our system, it only takes ONE good person to earn serious money.
  • With our system, a master networker recruits new members for you. Our team of trained professionals takes calls for you and enrolls new members for you.
  • With our system, you build a long-term residual income in a product-focused mission-driven company.
  • With our system, you can get started for just $20 to $50. The $30 and $50 “co-op” options qualify you to earn vour first commission very fast, usually within 7 days!

Join us for our most exciting residual income system ever. Call 1-800-431-1981 to listen to 24/7 recorded message. For additional information, call 1-737-215-3322.


  • A real value of over $150. Our Professional Member Kit is the best value in direct mail!
  • 30 postcards and mailing names so you can start mailing on day one
  • Complete info on our residual income company and system
  • Several valuable gift certificates with a value of over $150 (money saving & fun)
  • A detailed report on how to earn your first $500, and more.


  • Basic Membership: $20.
  • Co-op Promotion: $30 ($10 extra). This includes three additional gift certificates (an extra $100 value), and qualifies you to earn additional commissions including a “fast start co-op commission.”
  • Fast Track Premium Co-op: $50 ($30 extra). Leaders Membership Kit, $390 of coupons and gift certificates, and you’re fully qualified to earn all commissions: $5, $10, $15 and $25.

Choose the membership option you prefer and send payment (cash, check or money order), along with your complete mailing address, telephone number and email address to: Direct Marketing Essentials (DME), PO Box 366, Sandpoint ID 83864. Be sure to include ID No. 95204LG on your order.


Go to to see very important information that could change your financial future forever! Watch the short videos now here:


Seeking cash investors with seed money from $50k to $200k to help with purchase of several multimillion dollar commercial properties in the United States. Will pay back 3 times loaned amount in 90 days, plus an equity in the purchased property. Please contact Arch Bishop Dr. Allwell A.L. Ezekiel, PO Box 17479, Chicago IL 60617. Tel: 1-773-387-7075. Email:


EARN HUGE COMMISSIONS selling businesses and income properties. Earn equity and management fees. I did. You can too. I’ll show you how in my big (194-page) manual. Get a list of 400 investors with contact information. Get a diploma designating you as a certifed commercial consultant. Get free details by mail. Call or email me today with your postal mail address. I will send you the information by US postal 1st class mail. Phil Chriswell: 208-377-1999. Email: Blue Inc. Commercial Consultants.


Just about every Medical Practice has a “financial crisis” situation going on. They have Insurance Accounts Receivables piling up to the tune of ~30% month after month, ultimately writing off tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can show them how to resolve that and maximize their profitability.

Simple and easy business model: set a conference call with a practice, our team takes over from there and does all the work A to Z. As a result, you are paid extremely well.

Within 48-72 hours we’ll provide a no-cost analysis of their insurance A/R. Doctors are simply “wowed” when they see the facts as to why their Insurance accounts receivables have piled up and why their current billing staff or billing company has dropped the ball.

On average, medical practices only collect about 70% of their insurance claims. Imagine the doctor’s response to know that portions of the 30% can be recovered! With a proven track record of success, our company has everything you need to make this a major play in your business. A six figure ongoing income is very realistic. This is an exceptional service as the door opener for new accounts or take it to your existing Doctor clients to add more value to your relationship. Labs, surgical centers, hospitals, any medical business with insurance A/R is a viable client.

Interested? Here’s a brief business overview that describes the service, business model and compensation:
MedXPrime Revenue Recovery

Please send me your phone and email for more information and a good time to call. Here’s a chance to get all your questions answered and make this a major part of your business building strategy:

Contact Brian OKeefe, Certified Representative. Tel: 204-362-2828. Email:


Baseball cards Available for purchase include: 6 Mickey Mantle cards, 2 Stan Musial cards, 1 Willie Mays card, 1 Roger Maris card. All in excellent condition and over 55 years old. Price: $80,000, complete. Finder's Fee reward or can be used for loan collateral. Call 361-489-5949 or contact Steve Moses, P.O. Box 4702, Victoria TX 77903.


BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Offering $350k plus a percentage of net revenue. This will translate to a total potential earnings of $500K. Company with projected revenue of $30M in 5 years is seeking financial backer, financial partner to get a $10M working line of credit. No cash required; just strong financials and good credit. Lender in place, just need a strong financial backer. In addition to $500K potential earnings, financial partner will also have an opportunity to participate in all revenue streams of the company thereby substantially increasing their earning opportunity. No cash required. Must have strong financials and good credit. Contact:

Money Wanted Ads


Experienced RE broker in the Charlotte NC area seeking to represent cash buyers for wholesale/flips/investment property purchases. $150K - $2MM. Perry Butler, Broker. CK Select Real Estate, Tel: 704-560-4533. Email:


Real estate investor seeks strong financial backer to purchase income properties in Alabama, Maryland, Georgia, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. We have projects from 2M to 75M. Solid real estate investments: Multi-family, apartments and commercial office complexes. Private lenders and JV Partners will receive 12% per annum, 10% monthly cash flow for 2 years, and up to 5% equity in each property. Email:

Global Cosigners and Money Finders Association (GCMFA)

The advertisers below are seeking cosigners for business or real estate loans. To inquire about an offer, click on the corresponding COSIGNER SEARCH NUMBER to email your initial inquiry.

EARN FEES AS A COSIGNER or by finding cosigners for prospective borrowers advertising their requests for cosigners below.

NOTICE TO READERS AND POTENTIAL COSIGNERS: When someone asks you to cosign a loan or other debt, you are being asked to guarantee a debt. Think carefully before you do. If the borrower doesn't pay the debt, you will have to. Be sure you can afford to pay and that you want to accept this responsibility. Evaluate each offer thoroughly and carefully before responding to any advertisement. See this Website's Terms of Use and the IMPORTANT NOTICE at the top of this page for important additional information.

HOW IT WORKS. Clicking on a COSIGNER SEARCH NUMBER will open a separate window containing a blank email with the advertiser's GCMFA contact address in the "TO:" field of the email. You may use this email to send your initial inquiry to the advertiser. Alternatively, you can create an email message using your preferred email software or service provider and address the message to Please include the COSIGNER SEARCH NUMBER in all correspondence. The COSIGNER SEARCH NUMBER allows prospective borrowers to advertise without making their personal information public. Advertisers may reply to your email address or by another method at your request. After the initial introduction, you and the advertiser may share contact details as needed.

Readers and advertisers communicate directly with one another and all discussions and negotiations are conducted between the reader and the advertiser. GCMFA and IWS Inc. do not take part in any negotiation, nor do they receive any fee or payment with regard to these advertisements, other than GCMFA membership fees and advertising fees paid by the advertiser.

Quoted text ("") denotes the advertiser's offer as provided by the advertiser. By placing an advertisement, advertisers agree to be bound by this Website's Terms of Use and are also required to comply with, and to ensure compliance with, all laws, ordinances and regulations applicable to their activities. Advertisers accept full responsibilty for the content of their offers and for the results of the use of their ads.

By using this information, readers and potential cosigners agree that NO FRONT FEES MAY BE CHARGED. Additionally, users of this information agree that payment of cosigner fees is solely the responsibility of the advertiser and that no payment for cosigner services will be provided until the advertised loan is obtained or at such a time as the advertiser and cosigner agree that cosigner fees will be paid. Neither IWS Inc. nor GCMFA provide loans, nor do they guarantee that a loan will be made, that a cosigner will receive compensation, or that every inquiry will receive a reply. Responsibility for payment of loan money and cosigner fees rests entirely with the cosigner, the advertiser and lenders or other entities with which the advertiser and cosigner choose to conduct business.

ABOUT GCMFA. IWS Inc. and GCMFA provide this information as a service to advertisers and readers. Requests for cosigners by GCMFA members and advertisers are publicized and seen by GCMFA members, visitors to this web page, and readers of specific IWS publications.


COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 444 "Seeking 10-20 cosigners to help me get a business loan in the amount of $5 million for the purchase of real estate of different types of multiple units. Loan is needed for 36 months and will be paid off in 60 months at $5,000 per month. Maximum simple interest rate: 3 percent. I am offering each cosigner 1% royalties for 24 months starting 6 months after property purchase, closing and acquisition." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 444 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 443 "One to four cosigners wanted to help me get a business loan in the amount of $1.25 Million. The money will be used to purchase a truck transportation company, with 4.68 acres of real estate. This loan is needed for 60 months and will be paid off in 120 months at $10.500 per month. The maximum rate of simple interest that I am willing to pay is 4.5 percent. I am willing to offer each cosigner the following in consideration for cosigning: 1% of yearly revenue." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 443 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 442 "Cosigner needed. Must be capable of getting a $1.5M line of credit. Will pay $150,000 plus an ownership percentage of the company. Serious partners only. Get a percentage of the net revenue in addition to the fee of $150,000 for being our cosigner. Excellent bonus offered for fast closing. Must have excellent credit and/or strong financials. Great opportunity for long-term relationship. Opportunity for increased compensation. Contact for details:"

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 441 "Seeking 1-10 cosigners to help secure a business loan for myself or my business in the amount of $200K to $10 Million. The funds will be used to buy and sell real estate and commodities, and to purchase well-established businesses. Terms, period, interest and compensation negotiable." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 441 to email a request for more information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 440 "Seeking 1-2 cosigners to help secure financing in the amount of $1,250,000 for purchase and conversion of an office building located in North London, Great Britain. The building will be converted into residential flats/apartments (16-20 units). The loan is needed for 14-18 months and will be paid off in 12-18 months as flats are sold. I will pay up to 9 percent simple interest. I am willing to offer each cosigner a second mortgage on the building and/or a fee for cosigning. The building is in a desirable area. Refurbishment is expected to take approximately 8 months." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 440 to email a request for more information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 439 "Cosigner wanted for $50,000 loan for down payment money to purchase income-producing multifamily units. Loan is needed for 60 months and will be paid off in 60 months at $900 per month. Maximum interest rate I will pay is 12%. I will give the cosigner 5% ownership in the properties purchased and a share of the cash flow from the monthly rental income. I want to get this loan within 30 days after my loan application is approved." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 439 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 438 "I am seeking 50 cosigners to help me get a business loan for myself or my business in the amount of $17-Million for one year. I need a private lender, cosigner or delayed transactional funder. The money I get from this loan will be used to purchase a luxury home in Las Vegas, Nevada, which I will then wholesale to a high-net worth buyer or corporation. The loan is needed as proof that I have the money to invest in the property. Formal negotiations on the property will begin when the loan has been secured. The property will then be purchased at the price negotiated. Since my goal is to wholesale the home, I am willing to pay between $4-Million and $7-Million at the conclusion of the deal. I will pay 1-1/2 points to the lender. Interest rates will be negotiated if necessary depending on the structure of the deal. This is a transactional wholesale deal. We are asking for a moritorium on the monthly payments until the property is sold to our buyer. Monthly payments will be interest only. Monthly fees and payments will be paid once the deal is sold to the buyer." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 438 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 437 "I am seeking one cosigner to help me get a business loan of $6,500. The loan will used to purchase business equipment: one, one-ton used dump truck in good condition. The loan is needed for 60 months and will be paid off in 60 months at $216 per month. Maximum rate of simple interest, 16%-20%. I am willing to offer the cosigner a lien on the title of the truck until final payment is made, 8% of loan proceeds to the cosigner. The purpose of this loan is to expand existing firewood business operation and provide junk removal service to homeowners and commercial business owners. Currently I have a possible lender, and full-time job to help make payments." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 437 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 436 "I am seeking up to 5 cosigners to help me get a business loan for myself or my business in the amount of $20,000. The money I get from this loan will be used to start my Finding business and to buy business equipment, including scanner, fax machine, copier, and printer. This loan is needed for 12 months and will be paid off in 12 months at $1,000 per month. The maximum rate of simple interest that I'm willing to pay is negotiable. In consideration for cosigning, I will find products you are looking for, for free. My business is engaged in finding solar energy equipent, electric generators, electronics, and related equipment." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 436 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 435 "Loan needed for business startup and operation. Loan is needed for 58 months and will be paid off in 78 months. Loan money will be used for business expenses. As a reward for cosigning I will offer to cosign on another loan. I am also seeking a business line of credit of $60,000." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 435 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 434 "Church minister seeks loan of $900,000 for 60 months for providing salaries and expenses for church congregation leaders. Loan will be paid off in 72 months at $82,500 per month until repaid with interest. Will accept maximum simple interest rate of 10 percent. The Cosigner Fee is open to negotiation." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 434 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 433 "I am seeking 1-5 cosigners to help me obtain a business loan in the amount of $400,000. The loan will be used to invest in foreclosed properties, which I will sell for profit. Loan is needed for 12-24 months." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 433 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 432 "$20,000 loan needed for 4 years to acquire multi- family income properties and one-family dwellings. Maximum rate of interest is 8 percent. Cosigner will be paid a one-time fee of $1, 000. Monthly payment of $489.00 will be made on the loan until repaid in full." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 432 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 430 "$275,000 business loan needed for purchase of an existing dry cleaning business. Loan to be paid back in 12 months. Cosigner will be compensated based on monthly income to cosigner of approximately $1,500. Additional cosigner fee at end of 12 months: 2%. " Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 430 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 429 "Attorney at Law seeks $50,000 loan for 12 months for working capital for law firm. Will repay interest-only for 11 months and will repay the principal plus interest on the 12th month. I have pending medical negligence cases. Fee negotiable." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 429 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 428 "$4-million loan needed for purchase and renovation of a building for a funeral home. Loan will be used to start a new funeral services business. Loan is needed for 24 months. Cosigner fee to be negotiated with one or more cosigners. Will start repaying the loan after 12 months." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 428 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 427 "Cosigner needed for $200,000 loan for buying a catering business." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 427 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 426 "Seeking loan for long-term real estate investment. Cosigner fee negotiable. Also seeking 'team members' under a 6-12 month written employment agreement, to be part of our LLC's executive summary package to strengthen our corporate profile for securing business lines of credit. (The LLC remains financially responsible). Must have credit score of 740+; $500-$1,000 monthly compensation for term of agreement with $5,000 signing bonus available; finders fee for eligible referrals is available." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 426 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 425 "Cosigner needed for $600,000 loan to repurchase real estate valued at more than loan amount. Loan will be paid off at $1,600 per month. Maximum interest rate is 4%. Will pay cosigner 5% of received loan." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 425 to request information."

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 424 "Three cosigners sought for $100,000 loan for financing/down payment on multi- unit income-producing properties. The loan is needed for 36 to 60 months. The maximum interest rate is 8%. Cosigner fee is 6% of the total received loan." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 424 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 423 "Seeking one or more cosigners for a business loan of $800,000. Loan will be used for down payment on income real estate in Northern California (Bay area, Silicon Valley and Sacramento). I am willing to offer each cosigner 6% of the total received loan and a negotiated part of the monthly cash flow. Terms negotiable." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 423 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 422 "I am seeking 1-2 cosigners for a business loan of $200,000. Loan will be used for business startup and purchase of business operating facilities. This loan is needed for 84 months and will be paid in 84 months at a monthly rate of $2,523. The maximum rate of simple interest is 6.0 percent. I am willing to offer each cosigner $1,000 or 1/2% of loan." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 422 to request information.

COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 417 "Cosigner wanted for $460,000 loan to purchase a 6- unit apartment building. The loan is needed for 12 months and will be repaid monthly at an amount to be determined. The maximum interest is 11%. The building currently has three vacant 3-bedroom apartments. Rental income on these apartments is $1,500 per month each. The cash flow from these three apartments plus $2,350 aggregate rent from three additional apartments will be used to repay the loan. I plan to refinance the apartment house after 6 months of ownership. The cash is needed within 7 to 14 days after the loan application is approved. I am willing to pay the cosigner $8, 000 one-time fee." Click on COSIGNER SEARCH NO. 417 to request information.

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